When you are just reading books or blog posts about programming you are not remembering. When you are watching video tutorials you are also not remembering! When you are trying to repeat actions by yourself – you are remembering, but for a short period of time after each repeat, and you miss a lot of important things so, in the end, your knowledge will be weak.

The phenomenal paradox is – you are learning super-efficiently when you are preparing material to teach other people. Even if you had no knowledge at all before 😲. That is why university teachers become scientists and why a lot of scientists along with their research teach at universities. That is why geniuses of all time always share their knowledge.

How to use the power of the method?

Every time when you are reading tutorials and books about software engineering and programming, you should try to create programs or setup tools immediately in your environment, make sure it works and write down your steps in a short but complete form so anyone else can read and repeat to achieve the result. Explain it like you would like to see it, in a better way than someone else explains. Improve original material which had unclear moments. We call such short but working notes, hints.

In process of doing this, you will face different questions and issues. You should keep in mind that you are creating stupid-simple step-by-step hints for other peoples who don't know it at all, so you need to find a good answer. Don't hurry up, you have to understand it very well and prepare material for everyone.

Exciting fact, but this research will create strongly unforgettable knowledge in your mind.

Other readers will enjoy your juicy hints only if you explained things simply, shortly, and consistently. Also, they will ask questions or even will argue with you. This will constantly improve quality of your knowledge.

And by doing hints more and more times you are becoming an expert. Don't trust me? Then just try to create a couple of hints and share them with other people. You can compose them in any messenger / social network or in google docs. Most important to share them with interested people. You can also do it on reddit or any other websites which will give you access to interested communities. Also, you can try our free hinty.io service, which was created exactly for this purpose and has a constant software-development related community and traffic from search engines which will be targeted to your hints as well.

What is Hinty.io

This website was created by software development companies who understand revolutionary power of Hinty method. So we decided to provide absolutely simple UX to create Hints in blazing fast way with nice syntax formatting code blocks and easy way to paste and draw on a screenshots, plus easy tools to search and organize hints.

Just press red plus button at the bottom to create your first hint.

Why Hinty.io is free and has no aggressive advertisement?

Hinty.io created by group of software development companies believing that only way to become an expert in era of high technologies is to write a notes, tips, hints, short blog posts and share knowledge. That's why we get financing from absolutely different sources (from commercial software development), and here we are looking for a new talents and experts by monitoring popular hints to suggest authors a good contracts, if they will wish and agree to salary of course. Both will win: we will get expert developer and you will receive a great knowledge.

Role in the future

People are tired from long posts and long books. Much oftenly we are looking for fast and short answers in search engines. At hinty we want to provide short and precise knowledge. When we (me and you) are composing a hint - we are doing it like we wanted to read it, that is why other will also like it. We believe that our future – is a proven and real knowledge and only it.

What I will receive apart knowledge?

You will receive great promotion.

It will help you everywhere – finding high-paid job because your employer will check your network profile, promoting your business via expert marketing. It is important to use your real name, don't afraid to be real, don't hide yourself and don't afraid someone will say it is dump, you are doing it like you want to see it!

Be smart, be angry of knowledge and do hints!

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