Hinty allows the fast creation of HINTs with code snippets, formatted text, images, and files.

It is your personal hints manager that allows you efficiently note info that you want to know but not remember by heart.

How it helps you with education?

If you found the info in the network that you will need in the future why not simply save URL of page?

The thing is that in most cases page or video that you found contains a lot of additional explanation info. Such information may be useful if you read it the first time and ready to spend alot of your time. But if you already processed it in past it will act as noise which prevents your quick access to main info.

But if you will minimize that page contents only for that part that really important for you it will be very easy to use.

How should I do it?

When you read or watch some information you note only that things that you likely will forget in the future. Other information will only background that helps you "understand the world". You will not need re-read such information if you once understood it.


Our service supports private and public hints which is an option when you create or edit your hint. You can create hints only for you and we will do all our best to keep them hidden from anybody else. All files and images included in the hint have secured URLs so it will be secret until you share them with somebody. Also, unique tags themselves that are used only in your private hints will not be shown in the public tags list.

If you feel that hint you created deserves to be seen by other people you can make it public. In this case, we recommend making some short explanations for actions in the hint to make it clear for readers. MakeTips moderators in some cases may restrict showing your tip in public if tip content will be inappropriate. But even in this case tip will remain in your private tips. Also, all published hints may be edited by moderators to improve formatting. You can include any information in private tips and moderators will not be able to change it.