The list of best programming-related talks of all time!

  1. Deep Dive into Git with Edward Thomson (OSCON 2016)
  2. The Art of Code - Dylan Beattie (more interesting than informative)
  3. Ryan Dahl: Node JS (Ryan Dahl first introduced his project Node.js to the world)
  4. How To Think Like A Programmer
  5. Simple made Easy
  6. KEYNOTE 1: Alan Kay - Rethinking Design, Risk, and Software
  7. Jonathan Blow - How to program independent games - CSUA Speech (how to spend time on the right things and get things done (as an indy game dev)
  8. Growing a Language, by Guy Steele
  9. The Three Laws of TDD
  10. GOTO 2017 • The Scribe's Oath • Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin
  11. The Mental Game of Python - Raymond Hettinger [synced version]
  12. Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
  13. Scaling Instagram Infrastructure
  14. The Original Skunk Works – Nickolas Means | The Lead Developer UK 2017
  15. Jake Archibald: In The Loop - JSConf.Asia
  16. The Birth & Death of JavaScript A talk by Gary Bernhardt from PyCon 2014
  17. K Lars Lohn - Keynote - PyCon 2016
  18. Polly want a message Sandi Metz
  19. dotJS 2019 - Vladimir Agafonkin - Fast by default: algorithmic performance optimization in practice

Did we miss something? Don't hesitate to leave links in the comments and we will add it 👍

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