First install NPM package named build-if-changed npm install -g build-if- changed In root folder (near package.json) create file buildconfig: [cross-env NODE_ENV='production' && webpack -p --progress] out: ../static/ .js src/ / .json.js src is folder with all sources and ../static/ is folder where build.js result file is genereted. Most likely it will have different value for you. I took it from my webpack.config.js: const path = require('path'); return { output: { path: path.join(__dirname, '..', 'static'), filename: 'build.js' ... } ... Ready. You can just run build-if- changed in your folder. Or add next command to pacakge.json scripts section to be able to execute npm run fastbundle: "scripts": { ... "fastbundle": "build-if-changed" }