Flask vs node: Expert comparison

Flask vs node

Comparing flask vs node is a clice wich is formally nor correct because:

So both flask and express are web frameworks which main aim is:

Both flask and express are fult-featured great tools which can do this job.

What about differences:

Benefit of express and node - it is truly asynchronous

Benefits of python flask-packages

Python PyPI has much more cool libraries than npm in nodejs world. Greatest example-automatic migration system. For flask you can use Alembic with SQLAlchemy ORM - you define models as classes, then run alembic and

it generates migrations that create tables in database for you. You rename field inside of model class, again run alembic command and it created migration which will be easily applied to your college computers or on the serve (Same and even better is only shipped in Django). It is hard to find something like this in the nodejs world.

If you don`t need relational (SQL) databases automatic migration is not your priority-probably you don`t need schema at all. But there area lot of cool libraries in the python world, so we tend to think that python development process will be faster and easier.

Who would win in fight flask vs node

From a business point of view in flask vs node battle, Flask, for sure, is more efficient in terms of spending time because to the good packages with good documentation. Faster and simpler development is also easier support. Though with true synchronicity you can use computing resources more efficiently, most of the projects will have a budget that will win much more from devel

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Oct 14, 2020
by Ivan Borshchov
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