Change svg color in vue.js

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Place all svg files/icons to one dir, e.g. <root-dir>/static/svg/

Install vue-svgicon:

npm install vue-svgicon --save-dev

Add to package.json scripts:

"scripts": { "gensvg": "vsvg -s ./static/svg/ -t ./src/icons" }, 


npm run gensvg

Add next to main.js:

import svgicon from 'vue-svgicon'
Vue.use(svgicon, { 
  tagName: 'svgicon'

In components/Comp.vue file scripts section:

import '../icons' 

In .vue add CSS:

.wclose { color: #ccc; } 
.wclose:hover { color: yellow; } 

More options here

Change svg color in vue.js

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May 05, 2017
by Ivan Borshchov
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