Hinty is a platform for blazing fast hints creation.

Our main concept - making valuable notes extra quickly by providing only important features during hints composing.

Why hints should be short?

When you google for some solution, are you always reading all content? Or what are you doing after opening page? According to a research 89% of software developers after finding page in search engine just scroll to the bottom to find code blocks in flooded posts.

So do you still want to spend time on searching?

Why does it happen?

Most of the content writers are prioritized on long posts because of search engine algorithms.

For now, they have much more chances to rank higher if they have more words on-page. Longer posts improve several so-called "on-page SEO" principles. They have been using well-working methods of story tailing to force you spend much more time on a website instead of finding info that you really need.

But we believe that our future – is a proven and real knowledge and only it.

How can I help?

Start writing your hints when you are learning something new. Do it carefully so anyone else could repeat and get your result. State environment (e.g. versions of libraries to help peoples to repeat your action).

Just press red plus at the bottom, login and start doing it.

What I will receive?

You will receive great promotion.

It will help you everywhere – finding high-paid job because your employer will check your network profile, promoting your business via expert marketing. It is important to use your real name, don't afraid to be real! Wou will receive much more if you will be real.

Also you are receiving great second benefit – when you write things down your learn them and understand much better, plus in future you can always return to your notes and recall information.

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Oct 13, 2020
by Hinty

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